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Football Shirt Project

This project concerned the treatment of three Liverpool football shirts, dating from 1989. The shirts are made of a polyester knitted jersey fabric, with applied lettering and rubberised printed logos across the front of each.The client brief was to stabilise and improve the visual appearance of the lettering, which was deteriorating at a rapid rate.

The incompatibilities of the materials in these shirts proved challenging, and required a combined approach of adhesive treatment and stitching, in order to reattach the lettering to the jersey ground fabric of the shirt. I presented a poster outlining the details of this treatment at the ICOM-CC Textiles Working Group Meeting at the Abegg Stiftung, Switzerland in June 2019. A copy of this poster can be found by clicking the PDF button below:

 04   /   2019

Becky Doonan ICOM-CC 2019 Poster
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