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Gulpen, N.L.

1940's Darned Gloves

 01   /   2023

These gloves date from 1940's Denmark, and are a beautiful example of War time mending and the necessity of making things last due to scarcity of materials - they have layer upon layer of reinforcing stitches, to the point where they are more mend than original knitting, and represent a really interesting glimpse into the lives of everyday people from the time.

I was requested to mount this pair of gloves for display. However, due to the fascinating darns and repairs, I was asked to make them easily removable from the mount, so that both sides could be viewed for study. I did not want to add any further stitching to the gloves, as I did not want my stitches to be confused with the historical mends present. I therefore came up with a mounting technique that involved stitching small rare earth magnets to a padded board, and inserting the pairing magnets (covered in a layer of silk) into the fingers of the gloves. In this way, the gloves hang safely from their finger tips and can be easily attached and removed to be displayed palm side up or down.

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